Tongdean Eye Clinic Joins Forces with the Royal Society of Medicine in 2015

Christopher Liu and the rest of the team at Tongdean Eye Clinic are pleased to announce our director’s involvement in the Royal Society of Medicine’s upcoming meeting: ‘Understanding new advances in corneal treatments’ on February 12, 2015. The professional meeting, held at the Royal Society of Medicine headquarters on Wimpole Street in London, aims to inform attendants about new treatment options for corneal diseases and who should be referred for these new types of treatments – subjects we feel passionate about at the clinic. 

The Royal Society of Medicine has become one of the UK’s leading providers of medical education since the Society was established in 1805. The RSM now organises around 400 events spanning 58 specialities. Past Honorary Fellows include Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud and Louis Pasteur. 

Professor Christopher Liu, Tongdean’s award-winning consultant ophthalmic surgeon and director, will be sharing his expertise to the event’s crowd of ophthalmologists and trainees on keratoprosthesis and artificial cornea treatments. Liu, who also leads a multi-disciplinary team at the Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton, is a leading figure on artificial cornea treatments. He has transferred years of experience to similar special interest symposiums at eye research events around the world, including renowned European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER) meetings for more than 12 years. 

Here at the Tongdean Eye Clinic, we provide comprehensive ophthalmology care and specialise in difficult cases, from corneal diseases and corneal transplantation to refractive surgery and cataract surgery. 

Registration is now open for the event. Details can be found on the meeting’s landing page, including the schedule for the evening.  



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